The Velveteen Rabbit - Audio book
Written by Margery Williams. Created by Spinning Wheel Theatre When the Velveteen Rabbit is unwrapped on Christmas morning, he quickly becomes just another thing gathering dust in the toy box. Shunned by the other playthings, who are braver, more glamorous and have expensive motors and flashing lights, he fears he’ll never be played with. But a chance encounter makes him the favourite toy, and with a little magic and a lot of love, he might even become real! Spinning Wheel Theatre brings this joyful and uplifting tale of magic, friendship and hope to life in this free audio book and accompanying activity pack. Below you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the book, the songs and a series of craft and play activities. For free print and CD copies please contact
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Audio book read by
Becca Gibbs

Directed by
Amy Wyllie

Original music written and performed by
Rosie Adediran

Illustration by
Connie Whichelow

Production photos by
Cat Goryn

Additional music from

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