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“AMAZING! Everything I imagined and more”

"Beautiful adaptation, a really gorgeous production!"

“Tremendous, fun, vibrant and witty”


While Amy Wyllie’s respectful adaptation showed due deference to Dickens’s fine prose – great chunks of the original were played out word for word – there was much that distinguished this imaginative and hugely enjoyable production from Spinning Wheel Theatre.


Tim Welton gave an unusually muscular performance in the lead role. In his hands Scrooge is more a brute than a curmudgeon - a nasty piece of work whose transformation is all the more telling - while Danielle Winter and Joe Leat (apart from some chameleon like support work) gave real emotional depth to the usually mawkish Cratchit family. What really set this production apart though, was Becca Gibbs’s brilliantly evocative design. From the grand reveal of the sweeping sets, to the tiny illuminated books, there was a terrific sense of detail throughout, while the puppetry made a genuine virtue out of the small cast and intimate setting.


Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is so well known and so well loved, it might be considered brave to the point of reckless to embark on yet another version of this classic festive tale. In the hands of Spinning Wheel theatre however, the only fault was that it was over too soon.


Lynn News - By David Vass, Saturday 19th December 2015




Tim Welton

Ghost of Christmas Past and Others

Danielle Winter

Ghost of Christmas Present and Others

Joe Leat / George Parry


Directed by

Amy Wyllie

Designed by

Becca Gibbs

Production Manager

Andy Stubbs

Tour Technician

Nick Stewart

Set Build

Scenic Productions

Scenic Artists

Nick Holmes and Angie Waters

Poster Image

Franklin Neilson

Original Music Composed

Max Welton

Supported by

Arts Council England

Aquarius Charitable Foundation

Unity Theatre Trust

Suffolk Community Foundation

Mrs L D Rope's Third Charitable Settlement

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